A dedicated song from a dedicated man

It’s summer! Are you thinking about going to the beach this summer vacation? Then I must say that Boracay is the best place to go! Have you heard the new jingle for Boracay? This is entitled “Boracay Go” sung and composed by Ricky Lee Saint John, an American from Raleigh, North Carolina and owner of the Wow Philippines Travel agency. His life time sweetheart is a Filipina from Aklan. Hearing his song makes me feel going to Boracay for the nth time. On his interview on Yes FM 93.1 Boracay Radio Station hosted by Alan Palma, he was asked about the reason behind the title and the content of his song and what does it ain’t to achieve.

“In 2005, I first arrived in the Island of Boracay, in fact, when the bankas boats will bring you up to the coasts of stations 1, 2 and 3, and you would walk into the water. It was a really cool experience, very romantic type of experience. I fell in love with Boracay at that time and from the moment I knew this was a place I would want to be coming to year after year after year but I would pull up a song from these experiences. But the thought behind the title was I just wanted to write a song that encouraged people to go to Boracay that really just focused on the wonderful aspects of the island.You’ll hear the words ‘Boracay, vacation here’” Rick answered.

It was good to hear that an American fell in love with our one of the best islands in the Philippines and to know that Boracay can touch one’s heart. As Alan asked him what attracted him to Boracay. He answered:

“Really, the first thing was the beach; the beach was just so beautiful–I mean just as you were arriving at that time in the boat, it was just so beautiful, it just sparkled; I mean you can see it in the distance just sparkling. And then once I got there, it was really the people, the Filipino people are just so warm and inviting and friendly. My wife is also-she’s from aklan, she’s an aklanon. Really, I would say that this song is really a dedication to the aklanon people. I love the Filipino people in general but really for the aklanons, this is something that I wanted to give to them. Boracay is a very special place to me, you know. My children are Filipino, and I wanna be able to take them there in a few years, when they get older, walk on the beach with them. So that’s really it for me, it’s just really inspired me–even today, I go there and just feel that special feeling the moment I arrived on the island.

Alan also asked him why he chose to be the one to sing the “Boracay Go” rather than a Filipino. And he answered:

“Well, after I wrote the song, my first reaction was to find a Filipino to sing the song, but as I thought about it, I said to myself that “it’s very easy for Filipinos to sing about their own country because you naturally love your own place where you’re from. I really felt like if I were the one to sing this it really would make more–there are probably foreigners or people abroad–to have a foreigner sing about a foreign place or a foreign country, I guess it felt like it would have a little bit more meaning to it, to have somebody from another country say that “hey this guy is singing about this place. It’s really a special place; let’s check it out.” it felt like it would have a little bit more impact from that standpoint. Of course, today, I would love to have Filipinos from all the different islands cover the song. That would be fantastic. My goal is to promote tourism on Boracay. If my song can help in a small way, that’s a great thing for the island.”

After hearing the song, it makes me feel and understand why Boracay is one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation. I feel like going to Boracay now and thanks to Wow Philippines travel agency as they offer cheap Boracay packages for anyone who has a low budget for this summer vacation like me. So let’s go and enjoy our summer in Boracay!

Listen BORACAY GO here.


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