5 Tips to get a Cheap Hotel Accommodations

Wanna have a relaxing vacation, but have no budget for it or can’t afford hotel accommodations? Well, let me give you some tips that may help you to get a low price deal with good services for hotel accommodations.


Hotel Accommodations

Image source: whiteknighthotelintramuros.com

Christmas, Lenten and Summer—these are the seasons where most of the hotels are jacking up the rate of their rooms, especially those located on the beach seaside which are very most common travel destination. During peak season, there are many local or foreign tourists around the beach who’re willing to pay for high rates for accommodations. But many of us are not like them. If you want to save money and have limited budget for a travel vacation, you must know the right time when to go. Go on a vacation around midyear when kids are in school and others are done with their vacation. But be updated on the weather since June to August is usually rainy. There are some hotels that offer some promo discounts when the number of tourists is lower than the rest of the year.

Hotel Membership

Search and subscribe to hotel membership promotions that can be used at any of their local and international branches. Being one of the loyal members of a hotel has many advantages. They will give you standard discounts and freebies among others. Some hotels with membership privileges come with points per booking that can be redeemed as a reward or benefits for your next booking. Usually, hotel members also get high priority service.

Self-catering Accommodation

If you strictly have a low budget and that you only want to have a break free from stress and relax in one place for a week or so, consider a self-catering accommodation. This means booking with a condo unit that offers leasing or on a guest house where you can stay with other guests. Guest house-ing is like renting a room in one house and sharing a common bathroom with the other tenants. If you’re not choosy, plan to stay in a hotel for a whole day, and if you can live without concierge, restaurant, bar and wifi, then include this in your option. Choose a place that is in the vicinity of many bars and restaurants or a place that is near the central market. Also include some food that can be stored and eaten easily, preferably canned or bagged food like chips, sausages, soda cracker or canned tuna.

Bargain and Negotiate

Search for a hotel with good services over the internet then starts negotiation over the phone. Speak with the friendly manager or a guest relation officer then ask if they can give you a special price as a first-time guest. Also ask if they have or can give you a special package that counts out the rates for the amenities that you don’t plan to use such as spa, gym and swimming pool. If your vacation is on the beach, you don’t need a swimming pool, spa, and gym. I’m pretty sure that you will have no time to use those since there’s the beach and other land activities around the beach that you can spend your whole day doing.

Package Deals

boracay accommodations


Image Source: http://www.boracaygo.com

Nowadays, there are many travel agencies offering tour packages for vacations and getaways. Vacation trip to Palawan, Camarines Sur and Boracay accommodations are the most common deals that you can get online with some inclusions such as outdoor activities and a tour around their landmark places. But make sure to engage only with a trusted agency by checking to their company background so read reviews that can also be found online. Some travel agencies require a minimum number of people for a deal. The more the merrier, so why don’t you to come with your friends? This can also lessen the bills you’re going to pay by sharing the accommodation fee with your friends.


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