Jerico Rosales and Kim Jones’ Wedding

Jerico and Kim's Wedding

Last May 1, 2014, there’s a couple who exchanged their vows in the island of paradise, Boracay. TV host-model Kim Jones is a Filipino-British that grew up in Australia cought the heart of one of Philippines’ most outstanding TV and movie actor, Jerico Rosales. Jerico and Kim met at a group dinner set by their common friend Dominic Ochoa who is also an actor. The two have dated for two months and then became an official couple last 2011. On August 4, 2013, in the middle of their Sunday service in the New Life Church in Alabang, Jerico borrowed five minutes from the pastor’s time and started speaking onstage and proceeded to propose to KimThe pastors gave their blessings and prayed for their everlasting love.

Watch Jerico Rosales proposal to Kim:

They say that Kim’s affection for children and her sweetness are what won Jerico’s love the most. Jerico and Kim decided to have their wedding at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort & Spa because of the quality of their Boracay accommodations and services. They even reserved the three places of the beach hotel. The actual wedding ceremony happened at the Cielo Open Air Resto for cocktails and at the beach front for the dinner and program.

Jerico and Kim were both emotional while they said their vows. In the video, you can see the happiness on their faces and the support of their friends and family. The 8 minute video shows the highlight of their wedding and also features the couple’s and the guests’ other activities such as playing volleyball, dancing and fooling around, all taken by videographer Bob Nicolas.

Watch the wedding video of Jerico and Kim:

In the first week of June, the newlyweds had their chance to spend their honeymoon in Tokyo. Kim said, “We want to travel. We want to see the world together as a married couple. We just want to be together”. This year, Jerico and Kim are planning to go on Jerico’s professional trips in Europe and US together. This just proves that the two can’t be separated from each other from now on which is kinda sweet, really. Let’s congratulate the newlyweds and wish them all the best—cheers to more love and a happy life.


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