No. 1 Best Beach in Asia: Boracay

If you are a Filipino, raise your head and be proud as one of our country’s prides, Boracay Island in Aklan, is named as one of the best beaches in the world and took the 1st spot in TripAdvisor’s 2014 Traveler’s Choice Award: Top 25 best beaches in Asia. TripAdvisor is a popular and trusted travel website where every traveler gives their reviews on the hottest vacation destinations. It is also a site where you can search for the best places to go to with tips for traveling, budgeting and activities.

TripAdvisor described Boracay’s cost as having “White, powdery beach sand that doesn’t get hot even at high noon. It is really amazing”. Being awarded and recognized like this, and to think that there are millions of people giving good reviews for our very own Boracay, as a Filipino, it comes to me as a pleasure. I guess the hotel accommodations, white sand, water and land activities, nightlife, interesting sceneries, and cheap Boracay packages caught the eyes of every traveler to come back and choose Boracay. Oh, and let’s also not forget how beautiful the Filipinos are.

Aside from the white sand beach in Boracay, TripAdvisor also awarded the Secret Lagoon beach in El Nido, Palawan the fourth spot and Yapak Beach in Boracay in the sixth spot.Well, it’s really “More Fun In The Philippines”, as the famous catchphrase goes.Recently, the same website gave the 19th place to Boracay on their Top 25 Beaches in the World 2014 where Baia do Sancho in Brazil got the 1st spot. Considering the number of beaches there is in our planet, getting the 19th spot ain’t half bad!

Check out the list of Top 25 best beaches in Asia 2014 here and the Top 25 beaches in the World 2014 here.



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