Tip to have a cheap Boracay vacation

Many of us think that Boracay is one of the most expensive beach destinations in the Philippines. As a lot of celebrities, rich local tourist, and foreign tourist go there every summer and holidays. Having a vacation in Boracay is a once in a lifetime experience for others who have a tight budget. That’s the way of thinking that I’m going to change in this article. Actually, Boracay is just like any other vacation places in the Philippines that it does not have to necessarily be a too-expensive-trip if you just know how to save money while travelling.


You should know the best time to have your vacation. First, you must know the cheapest seasons to go to Bora:

  • High Season – October to May
  • Peak Season – Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Holy Week
  • Low Season – June to October

It’s great to have your vacation during holidays of the year and summer vacation, but actually, going to the beach on those seasons is like a beautiful nightmare on your pocket. So go on a vacation during Low Season where cheap Boracay packages are all over the internet and Boracay accommodations are almost half of the original price unlike during Peak Season and High Season where all the prices are more than doubled or even tripled. Since Low Season is also known as the rainy season, the number of tourists around the beach aren’t as many. That’s also the reason why travel agencies are giving away many promos just to have inquiries. If you are worrying about going to the beach while raining, you must read my article about How to Enjoy Boracay during Rainy Season.

Hotel Accommodations

There are a lot of hotels and guest houses around Boracay. If you really want to save money and you only want to enjoy the beach and are satisfied with a small room where you can stay in after a long day, you can choose guest houses instead or small rooms in a hotel. Luxurious hotels are usually located in Station 1 where the main beach is. The prices of the hotels there range from Php1,000 to Php4,000 per night. While on Station 2 and most of Station 3, you can get Php600 worth of hotel accommodations. It is better to come as a walk-in guest so you can haggle. If you’re going to haggle, you can say that you’re going to write a review on Tripadvisor.com about their hotel so they can give you a cheaper price.


There are many restaurants and food stands around Boracay. To save your money while filling up your stomach, you can have your dinner and lunch on carinderi’s around D’ Talipapa and D’ Mall (carinderias sell home cooking dishes). Or buy food on many letchon manok outlets. You can also go to Crystal Cove, where you’re going to pay 500php for lunch buffet and cliff diving. You don’t have to worry about your breakfast since many hotels include a free breakfast meal with their accommodations. For merienda, you can try the longga burger for a change that you can buy on many food stands around the beach.


You can test your haggling skills when you want to do water activities. Haggle all you can, some operators increase their price of foreign tourists, so if possible, don’t do activities with foreign tourist. You can haggle on helmet diving to include a free CD with video of your activity for a very cheap price.


You may also like to read my 5 Tips to get a Cheap Hotel Accommodations.


How to Enjoy Boracay during Rainy Season?

Starting from April to May, summer in the Philippines begins; right around when Lenten season starts, too. Usually, local and foreign tourists love to have their vacation on the beach while others like to go to places with pretty cool temperature even in a very hot weather like Baguio and Tagaytay. When we talk about the beach, Boracay Island in Aklan is the number one summer destination in the Philippines.

Water and land activities are common ways to enjoy the beach and the heat from the sun. For backpackers like me, this is what we call paradise. But then again, for backpackers like me, summer season, also known as peak season, is a bit expensive for us. This is also the reason why others may see Boracay as a “it’s too expensive” vacation. For travelers and tourists with strict budgets who want to enjoy Boracay, off-peak season is the best time for us. Off-peak season starts around July to October. Yes, we all know that these months are also the rainy season; that’s why it was called off-peak season; the inquiries for travel agencies are very low (alternatively, low season). Why is this the best time to travel? Because the price for Boracay accommodations and packages is cut to almost or more than half of its original price while in peak season, prices raise to double. During low season, the cheap Boracay deals are flooding around the internet! If you want a cheaper price, try to walk-in and haggle for hotel accommodation (Hello fellow kuripots! Haha). Another good thing is the numbers of tourist around the beach can count with your two bare hands, so you might enjoy the beach alone and you can also do all you wanted without any hesitation.

But how can we enjoy Boracay when it’s actually raining? Worry no more my friend, that’s why I made this article—for you to know how. Check out this list of activities that you might enjoy even when raining. Enjoy!

Kissing under the rain is romantic, but Swimming under the rain is much fun! The extreme challenge of freezing is fun! (Yes, it is)


Image source: www.interaksyon.com

Underwater activities. Rain doesn’t matter for underwater activities so you can do Helmet diving, and snorkeling. Watch the beautiful corals and fishes as they swim toward to you when you give them food, which is mostly stale bread.

Helmet Dive, Boracay

Image source: its-just-me-juice.blogspot.com

Do the Zorbing! Why is Zorbing fun when raining? Because you’re going to roll downhill in a wet and slippery slope so it will double the speed of the Zorb.


Image source: its-just-me-juice.blogspot.com

Windsurfing and Parasailing. Since this water sport activities require the participation of the wind, this is more exciting to do when it’s raining where there’s a chance of strong wind; just be ready to be freeze (haha). Can you take the challenge?


Image source: its-just-me-juice.blogspot.com

*Safety reminder: Avoid doing outdoor activities during heavy rain where the wind might cause a heavy wave. It could get very dangerous. Strong winds for air activities maybe fun, but don’t risk your life if you can see the danger along the way. Don’t worry; there are many indoor activities that you can also enjoy.

I’m pretty sure that your vacation is all about trying interesting activities. Be amazed with the mesmerizing view of the white sand beach, enjoy, eat delicious delicacies, and relax; now is your chance to do so.

Massage. There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a massage while raining.


Image source: www.agoda.com

Shop in D’mall and D’talipapa. Since the number of tourists are not that high when raining, the chance of getting what you really want without any competition around is very high! From souvenirs, beach dresses, and even pasalubongDon’t forget to haggle*wink*.


Image source: its-just-me-juice.blogspot.com

Foodtrip. In every corner of the beach there are many restaurants, bars, and food stands. Have you ever tried a Longga-burger (Longanisa burger)? This is made of slightly sweet and spicy pork sausage grilled over charcoal. The unique taste of this burger is only available at Boracaylocal food stands.


Image Source: eattoyourheartscontent.blogspot.com

Party. Boracay nightlife is all about partying. Watch the incredible fire dancers and warm up your body with alcoholic drinks. Partying all night will complete your vacation. Forget about the tiring headache the next morning and just enjoy the party with your old friends or new found ones. Join in on the music and noise and just enjoy the show and good company. Cheers!


Image source: its-just-me-juice.blogspot.com

Choosing the right condominium


Image source: wingwire.com

Why do people keep on buying condominiums? Here are some common reasons:

  • “I need to buy a condo that is near my work place”
  • “I want to be independent and stay in the city and/or away from home”
  • “I want to move to a condo for the safety of my family”
  • “I just wanna buy a condo for future use”

Does having those reasons are enough to just buy a condominium? Come to think of it, many of us are dreaming of living in a condo as we imagine that living in such a home makes us feel more comfortable, especially in terms of security; sometimes we think that a condo is something that others may see as a symbol of a luxurious life. That way of thinking makes other people just go on ahead and buy a condo without even having a second thought or checking the most important components (value, location, amortization, etc.) of buying a property. And when the deal is already done, you might tell yourself “Oh boywhy did I buy this condo? It’s more trouble than it’s worth”. So before your decision makes you miserable (errr..), in this article, I’ll give you some pointers you must know before buying a condominium.


                Oh yes, this is the most important, folks. You must know the location first. If you’re looking for a condo for the sake of your work, well of course you must choose a condo located somewhere near your work place or at least around the area. Also, you must consider the availability of transportation. If you find a condo that is only a walking distance away from your work place, the better. If not, at least it should be near or a few steps away from an MRT/train station or the bus stop. Kallang Riverside in Singapore is one of the great choices. But if you’re not living in Singapore and you own a car, traffic is your enemy.

Also consider if there are convenient stores nearby. By any chance, if you just want to buy a condo to be independent, a place around the city is the best choice, since all you need (I guess) are already there like Malls and theme park.


                Now that you know the right location, hurray! Come inside and look around the place. Ask for an agent who can tour you around. Usually, condos have their own swimming pool (some have their main pool, lap pool, children’s pool, and Jacuzzi), gym, BBQ pits, sauna, and playground. Luxurious condos also have clubhouses, function rooms, tennis courts, gymnasium, bar and restaurant, and open terrace.  Choose a condo that has all your needs. If you have a strict budget, still go to a place with enough amenities to make everything worth the pay. In addition, the ambiance outside the window may also help to take away your stress so if possible, choose a best spot where you can see the view of the city or the lush greenery outside your window.


                This is also very important; security is a must when choosing a condo. 24-hour security surveillance/CCTVs around the building are bare minimum. You can ask your agent for more details about this.


                Consider buying a condo in terms of the future. We can say that buying a condo is easy; as long as you know what you like, it has all you need, and as long as you have the budget for it, you’ll be OK. Selling a condo is the hardest, though. When the time comes that you need to move for whatever reason, there is no sure-fire way to easily sell it. Selling a small unit may be difficult while larger units may cost a little more, but it will return a greater amount. Most importantly, as long as you take care of the unit carefully, or lavish it up, you will only be adding value to it and thus bigger returns. Recall all you did when you were the one searching for a condo; you might use it as an asset of your unit. “It was a great place! I can see the whole city outside my window and it was really relaxing. There are convenient stores and theme parks nearby. Also, there are a lot of facilities around that you might enjoy,” or something to the like might get might buyers’ attention.