Tip to have a cheap Boracay vacation

Many of us think that Boracay is one of the most expensive beach destinations in the Philippines. As a lot of celebrities, rich local tourist, and foreign tourist go there every summer and holidays. Having a vacation in Boracay is a once in a lifetime experience for others who have a tight budget. That’s the way of thinking that I’m going to change in this article. Actually, Boracay is just like any other vacation places in the Philippines that it does not have to necessarily be a too-expensive-trip if you just know how to save money while travelling.


You should know the best time to have your vacation. First, you must know the cheapest seasons to go to Bora:

  • High Season – October to May
  • Peak Season – Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Holy Week
  • Low Season – June to October

It’s great to have your vacation during holidays of the year and summer vacation, but actually, going to the beach on those seasons is like a beautiful nightmare on your pocket. So go on a vacation during Low Season where cheap Boracay packages are all over the internet and Boracay accommodations are almost half of the original price unlike during Peak Season and High Season where all the prices are more than doubled or even tripled. Since Low Season is also known as the rainy season, the number of tourists around the beach aren’t as many. That’s also the reason why travel agencies are giving away many promos just to have inquiries. If you are worrying about going to the beach while raining, you must read my article about How to Enjoy Boracay during Rainy Season.

Hotel Accommodations

There are a lot of hotels and guest houses around Boracay. If you really want to save money and you only want to enjoy the beach and are satisfied with a small room where you can stay in after a long day, you can choose guest houses instead or small rooms in a hotel. Luxurious hotels are usually located in Station 1 where the main beach is. The prices of the hotels there range from Php1,000 to Php4,000 per night. While on Station 2 and most of Station 3, you can get Php600 worth of hotel accommodations. It is better to come as a walk-in guest so you can haggle. If you’re going to haggle, you can say that you’re going to write a review on Tripadvisor.com about their hotel so they can give you a cheaper price.


There are many restaurants and food stands around Boracay. To save your money while filling up your stomach, you can have your dinner and lunch on carinderi’s around D’ Talipapa and D’ Mall (carinderias sell home cooking dishes). Or buy food on many letchon manok outlets. You can also go to Crystal Cove, where you’re going to pay 500php for lunch buffet and cliff diving. You don’t have to worry about your breakfast since many hotels include a free breakfast meal with their accommodations. For merienda, you can try the longga burger for a change that you can buy on many food stands around the beach.


You can test your haggling skills when you want to do water activities. Haggle all you can, some operators increase their price of foreign tourists, so if possible, don’t do activities with foreign tourist. You can haggle on helmet diving to include a free CD with video of your activity for a very cheap price.


You may also like to read my 5 Tips to get a Cheap Hotel Accommodations.


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